Akaka Falls State Park

When we took a road trip around the Big Island on our first day, we knew we would see some beautiful things. Nature really is amazing when you sit back and enjoy all of the glory around you. Though the Akaka Falls State Park (a heritage site of Hawaii) was a bit off of our path, I am so glad we stopped.

Akaka Falls State Park

Akaka Falls State Park
Big Island, Hawaii

The trail runs in a circle, is only .4 miles. Though for those who are not in the best of shape, it seems a heck of a lot longer. As their website states, it requires some physical exertion. But, in the end it was sooo worth it. Within the park, there are two waterfalls; the one hundred foot Kahuna Falls and the four hundred forty-two foot Akaka Falls. Along with the beautiful waterfalls, the park has wonderful fauna; within the rain forest you can find wild orchids, groves of bamboo and ferns larger than you have ever seen.

Before you get to the Akaka Falls, you will hear the rushing of the water telling you just how close you are getting. To watch the water fall from the peak all the way into the larger pool of water is just mesmerizing (but I have a thing for water). We stood silently for moments just listening to natures movements around us.

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