It’s all About the Beaches 2


Kahalu'u bay beach park

Kahalu’u Bay Beach Park

I loved every moment we spent on the Big Island, but for me it’s all about the beaches. Now, let me be very clear. I am not one of those gals that likes to sit on the beach and get this best tan ever. I am quite the opposite. I am Irish to the core and I just do not mix with the sun. However, there is nothing better than watching the sun set over the ocean (except maybe watching it rise).

Waikoloa village beach

Waikoloa village beach

While in Hawaii we did stop at a few beaches to put our feet in the sand or just walk along the shores to view what wildlife can be seen from the shores. We saw many different fish, including the Hawaii state fish, Humuhumunukunukuapua`a, otherwise known as the reef triggerfish (I will admit this one was not seen while walking along the beach though). We also saw many turtles basking in the sun.

My favorite part of being at the beach, besides watching the sun set, is watching the boats coming in or going out.

I took many pictures of the ocean; the different shades of ultramarine were captivating as we drove or walked along. This trip is one that I have been planning since I was 13, lets just say it was many years of planning. I definitely look forward to the day we can return to paradise.

Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean

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