Under the Sea

In April we were able to spend a week in Florida visiting family. I was super excited to be able to get to Walt Disney World, even for just one day in the park. With only one day to play and so much to do, we had to plan our day in advance so that we got to do everything that is a must do on our families list. The most important thing on our list was to check out the expansion to Fantasyland. New restaurants, new rides and so much to see! As the evening came to a close, we found ourselves walking through Fantasyland for a second time, it was nice and quiet. The running kids, crying babies and tired parents were gone. It made for a lovely stroll for my daughter and I.

During our walk, we came across a new dark ride for The Little Mermaid. I was not expecting much. To be honest, Epcot has a dark ride for The Little Mermaid and I do not like it. To me, it just truly missed the mark for Disney. It was not entertaining and had no real wow factor. I was extremely pleased the moment Under the Sea The Journey of the Little Mermaid started. Below is a short video I created with pictures that I took throughout the ride. I hope you enjoy it.

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Terri O’Connell is the owner of Cruise Planners – O’Connell Cruise and Travel, a full service travel company. Their mission is to encompass the full family: vacations, reunions, and history travel. Terri is a travel enthusiast with a passion for genealogy and enjoys bringing the two together to assist her clients in their travel needs.

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